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Beginning in early July the first lucky Fish
Kodiak Adventures
client  hooks into the first
acrobatic Silver or Coho salmon of the season.  
The first fish of the season are usually small 6-
10 lbs., adding a few fish to our catch of king
salmon for the day.  By mid July we're  looking
at limits of 8-12 pound coho to accompany our
limits of king salmon.  These are aggressive
fish, feeding heavily, growing a pound a week
during their final summer in the salt water.  By  
August  all bets are off, as thousands of coho
move into the fishing holes.  This is“Chaos
Coho fishing” time.  These salmon fight and
explode, tail walk across the water, long hard
drag burning runs, then straight back at you!   
Suddenly  all the rods on the boat are bent with
fish ripping out line in every direction.  As you
look down in the water  you can see hundreds
of salmon chasing the salmon that are hooked,
biting at the weights, swivels and any thing that
looks like it might be eatable to them.  
Bent fishing rods, burning arms,crossed lines, fish all over the deck and cold saltwater showers  
are the norm that’s "Chaos fishing at it’s finest.  By mid August 15-18 lb. Fish are common with an
occasional fish pushing the 20 pounds.  In September 15-18  pounds is the average size with
many fish over  20 pounds.  The State of Alaska sport fishing record for a silver salmon is 26
pounds.  Records are there be broken.   Ugak Bay has several rivers that all support strong coho
salmon runs.  All those runs add up to incredible number of fish aggressively feeding in the salt
water.  Ocean caught coho are excellent eating.  It has a moderate to high amount of fat, which is
considered essential when judging taste.  These fish are all WILD ocean fresh fish, in the prime of
their lives. The salt water limit for Coho is 5 fish per day.  There are no size restrictions or annual
To add a whole new twist to Fish Kodiak Adventures "Chaos Coho" experience we also fish for
them with a fly rod.  With a big Coho on your fly and you holding on to the butt end of an 8 weight
SAGE  fly rod you are not just fighting a battle, it is an all out war.   Whether you are a seasoned fly
fisher or just a beginner.  You will undoubtedly enjoy the experience.   Most seasoned fly fisher's
bring their own arsenal of fly rods, for this fishing we recommend  you bring your 8 weight  fly rod,
matching reel,  sink tip line.  Rick has extra add on sink tips to get those flies down where they
need to be.  If you don't have a fly rod or do not want to take your fly rod out on the boat.  Rick has
8 & 9 weight SAGE rods outfitted with Ross Canyon reels and fast sink tip fly line.  Ready for You.
Fish Kodiak Adventures World Class Saltwater Coho Salmon Fishing Kodiak Island Alaska
Fish Kodiak Adventures

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Fish Kodiak Adventures

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